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TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software Component 2.1

TechnoRiver Free Barcode Software Component 2.1: Add Code39, I2OF5 and ITF14  barcodes to Windows documents. bar code properties, such as bar code height, bar width, barcode type and bar code orientation. Your desired bar codes will be generated automatically. The Component exposes a full range of barcode properties and allows precise control over barcode dimensions. The font for the human readable text is customizable, and support for various barstyles allow the text to be placed on top or below a barcode symbol. The text can also be left-aligned, centered

QK BarCode Generator 1.2: QK BarCode Generator - generate barcode easily and quickly
QK BarCode Generator 1.2

Barcode Generator lets you make professional, ready-to-print barcode graphics easily and quickly. The powerful preview function helps you output bar codes to a printer easily. You can print barcodes on one paper with normal printer. QK Barcode Generator also supports 90-degree rotate. Barcodes can be copied and pasted. You can save barcodes in many popular graphic formats, and import into almost any desktop publishing or word processing software.

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My Tattoo ID Design professional labels with text, pictures, shapes &  bar codes.
My Tattoo ID

bar coding and connectivity needs. Design professional labels with text, pictures, shapes and bar codes. My Tattoo ID is a cost effective solution to meet your labeling needs. It saves you time by letting you create label templates for designs that are similar and simply filling in variable information at print time. It saves you money by assuring that you meet all internal and external bar code and labeling requirements 100% of the time. My Tattoo

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ABarCode for Excel 1.2.1: ABarCode is an add-in that draws formula-based bar codes into Excel worksheets
ABarCode for Excel 1.2.1

ABarCode is a Microsoft® Excel Add-in that draws formula-based bar codes into Excel worksheets. Available symbologies are Code 128, Code 39, Extended Code 39, EAN-8, EAN-13, UCC/EAN-128, ITF (Interleaved Two of Five), Postnet, UPC-A, UPC-E. It works for any version of Excel: 97, 2000, 2002 (XP) and 2003. Bar codes are drawn as Excel shapes, so you can change size, orientation, move to another position, and copy and paste to another worksheet.

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Courier Mails 2D Barcodes Utility to generate reliable bar code label images for post office services
Courier Mails 2D Barcodes

Bar code label designing tool allow users with enhanced feature to easily specify bar code value, bar code header and bar code footer details in convenient manner. * Bar code maker utility for post office and bank industry offers data set series feature to create various copies of same barcodes with different barcode value and text value. * Highly reliable bar code designing software helps users to copy created bar code images and paste them at particular

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ABarCode for Access 97 9.6.0: ABarCode lets you to print bar codes in your Access reports
ABarCode for Access 97 9.6.0

bar codes of several types in any report`s section and subreports. Check digits and start/stop codes are automatically computed and added. Symbols may be horizontal or vertical oriented, either fixed or automatically scaled filling a Text Box area. You only have to design a report, add text boxes containing the information you want to barcode, open the ABarCode add-in, add these text boxes to `Barcode fields`, and select the type of bar codes you

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Free Bar Code 3 of 9 4.2: Print your own bar code 3/9 in Windows on sheet labels or custom packaging
Free Bar Code 3 of 9 4.2

barcodes with text or numbers below or above) versions of bar code 3 of 9. Each of thesee barcode fonts is scalable. Our software lets you print your own barcodes on your documents and packaging, or you can print sheets of labels with bar code 3/9 using our templates and Word. Want to print barcodes in Access or Excel? We include Visual Basic macro functions that do all the work for you. If you don`t understand bar codes, just run the Bar39 utility

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